About Us


At House Thespian we are committed to the creation and promotion of live art and storytelling, its service to our community and its cultural significance in our daily lives. We look to produce and collaborate on all works, new and old, including improv and sketch comedy, full-length dramas, musical productions, staged readings, poetry and beyond. 

We strive to provide an environment that holds appreciation for traditional forms of the performing arts while at the same time supporting, researching and developing new technologies and processes that advance innovation in storytelling.


our community

Lowell, Massachusetts and the Middlesex County is our home. We recognize that success is a circular phenomenon, which is why it is our priority to support our community using whatever resources and tools our team may have. We look to assist various charities and non-profits in the area that work tirelessly to promote opportunity and equality for all. 

If you would like us to promote or support an organization, family or individual, send a message our way at info@housethespian.com. 
We look forward to serving our community.